Discipling in Pakistan Through Christian Education

 Pakistan Christian School Mission

One of GFAN’s greatest concerns in Pakistan is the persecution of the Christian minority. GFAN believes that poverty is a root cause. Many Christians are unable to get an education and are unaware of basic Christian Bible teachings due to illiteracy. Hence, they are unable to find good jobs and are constrained to labor under a non-believing majority … in their factories, fields, homes, etc.  Many are forced to change their religion, as they have no viable economic options to survive otherwise. The mission of GFAN’s Christian Church School in Pakistan is to provide a Christian education to the poor, one-by-one, to as many as possible, to raise them above the circumstances currently leading them into a path toward persecution. 


Philosophy of Education

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” The main goal of GFAN Christian education in Pakistan is to provide free education and Christian Bible teaching to poor children.  GFAN’s intent is to help provide these children with the means to overcome their dire circumstances and to motivate them to dedicate their lives to the teachings of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, to enable them to share their new-found joy and the learned Gospel message with other religions and nations.


Founder of School 

GFAN and its representative in Pakistan have jointly founded the Pakistan Christian Church School with common vision and mission. 


Relationship between GFAN and School

The Pakistan Christian Church School is run by the financial support of GFAN and also operates under the discipline and control of Gospel for All Nations (GFAN).


Curriculum Selection

Keeping in view a basic and regular approved education standard, our Representative in Pakistan selected the curriculum and finalized it with the help of an experienced senior school teacher, who is currently working as the Head Teacher in the established Pakistan Christian Church School.

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