Gospel Music Outreach


Purpose & Aim: The purpose of making Gospel Music is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through songs that encourage believers in their walk with Christ. Additionally, gospel music is also a very good tool in reaching non-believers and the broken-hearted who enjoy these songs and demand more.


Experience: while filming these video songs outdoors, many people gathered to watch. When they hear our songs, they ask many questions. Many times we had the opportunity of sharing the Gospel with them.


Future plans: to continue sharing the Gospel message to Christians and Non-Christians through more recordings. In the future, gospel music concerts will be used as a means to draw people so that the Gospel message can be shared in response to their curiosity. Website viewers can also boost Sharoon's singing and passion by sharing their ideas, helping him improve the lyrics, music and singing style through our blog and their financial support.

(Sample Music Videos Below)


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Gospel Music Ministry in Pakistan

"Najaat" is Urdu for "salvation."