Testimony from Pastor Samiran Chakma

 Samiran Chakma family

Dear brother Rich!

Thank you so much for your heart to increase God's kingdom! And also love to thank for the interest to hear from me!

 I grown up in a Buddhist family from my childhood! I had practiced it more then my parent. Everyday bow-down in front of Buddha statue and worship. One day a baptist pastor came to my village to live for some while because he got married from my village. His family accepted Jesus in India when they were there as a refugee. He shared me about the salvation through Jesus Christ. And 1998 at night I was baptized in the river secretly. I was the first fruit from my place. 

 After my baptism I went for training. During my training God gave me a heart to preach the gospel among the Buddhist community. From 2000-2005 I worked hard but with no good results. But in 2006 thirty five families came together from three villages. Then persecution started. Our homes and bamboo churches were burnt, we were beaten because we were Christian, we were not allowed to take water from the village tube-well, our children couldn't attend school, a local political party fined us if anyone become a Christian and we had to pay ten thousand local dollars and and twenty thousand local dollars fined on those who preached the Gospel message. We had many restrictions and were tortured! We prayed a lot to God with fasting and with whole hearts. God heard our cry and changed the situation. We now praise God our heavenly father! Now we are free to preach and His work is increasing day by day. My wife and I committed our whole life to work for Him.

Now we are doing: 

1. Church planting and evangelism.

2. Orphanage.

3. Sewing project for the widow and needy women.

4. Open a pre-school from this year.

 Thank you so much brother. Please keep us into your prayer. We will pray for you also!

 Brother in Him,

Pastor Samiran Chakma


Some ministries pictures for you!

Baptizing new convert



















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