Is Love just what feels good to you? Is it the butterflies in your tummy feeling? Or is Love something more? Love is that which bridges gaps, overcomes obstacles, and breaks down barriers. LOVE is for the unlovable. Love hurts, it stings; love is blind and blinding. LOVE is that which loves that very thing you hate. God's love is so awesome, that He allowed His Son to dethrone Himself, live a life of poverty, be ridiculed, attacked, beaten, laughed at, and finally murdered. God loves you so much that He allowed His Son to be covered in that which He hates, so a final sacrifice would be all that is needed for you and me to have rightness with Him. Consider allowing someone you love to be covered in something you hate for others to know your Love. WOW! Church, Body of Christ, can we start Loving like this? Can we start acting more like Christ? Can we start loving the unlovable? Can we? Let me know your thoughts? ~Morgan

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